palis Panda - your entry level model in the industrial inkjet?


  • You want to implement digital printing?
  • Build knowledge, expertise and experience in the inkjet field?
  • Print products digitally?
  • Bring out innovative products?
  • Facing the challenge of the digital world and the ever increasing customer demands through your new digital business model?
  • Though the high investment for industrial inkjet production equipment as well as the timing of the ROI are scaring you?

Then we have just the right inkjet machine concept called palis Panda for you. Our Panda impresses with high-resolution prints in four to six colors as well as the uncomplicated machine operation with a few control points on the machine. Thus, the functionalities and the parameter adjustment options are reduced to the essentials in order to be able to produce outstanding digital prints without a high level of experience in the inkjet technology.

First look at our Panda concept:

  • Up to 80m / min.
  • Available in 4 to 6 colors
  • High resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wind and unwind
  • Cleaning concept of the individual Ink Jet inking cartridges

Despite its rather minimalist features compared to current Ink Jet production systems, the Panda offers all the necessary functionalities to gather knowledge, expertise and experience the Ink Jet. In this challenge we support you by consulting, application development and different levels of training.

Interested in our inkjet entry concept palis Panda? Contact us at info[at] !

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