Passion and fascination turn ideas into innovations!

Since our formation as a joint venture in 2009, we have been questioning the status quo in order to improve or change things. Our goal is to simplify the day-to-day production of our customers and to open the digital world through our inkjet systems.

We achieve this through:

  • Genetic Affinity to Technology & InkJet
  • Broad expertise in, for example, the ink system, application development, automation, mechanical engineering and software development
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Proximity to customers
  • Close connection to our suppliers with worldwide network
  • Many years of market experience

Act Disruptive - Be Innovative Always!

Our credo for the digital world of tomorrow

Already today we offer real solutions for the inkjet production world of tomorrow, in order to actively shape the rules of tomorrow's markets. Our Inkjet System excel in the market with unique quality, agility, flexibility, real-time control, and ease-of-use with machine operator support throughout the system.

Linked real-time monitoring of industrial equipment stands for Industry 4.0. But IoT is changing the world! From order entry through all phases to the end product through digital value creation! We work for you on innovative solutions of tomorrow, so that you, as innovative industrial customers, actively shape the printing world of tomorrow!